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>Eschatology Listeni/ˌɛskəˈtɒlədʒi/ is a part of theology concerned with the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity. This concept is commonly referred to as the "end of the world" or "end time".
>The word arises from the Greek ἔσχατος eschatos meaning "last" and -logy meaning "the study of", first used in English around 1844. The Oxford English Dictionary defines eschatology as "The part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind."
End-of-The-World General Discussion

What will be last to go?
I sincerely doubt it'll be the frustration of a god to bring about Doomsday, so what will? Will the frustration of a single state drive them to launch an A-Bomb? Will an asteroid deface our planet, leaving nothing of the Earth that we know? Would we have flown off this joint by then? What will happen to our world, with no people left to look over it? The Universe may well be as good as dead when there's no intelligent life forms left to see it- but don't you get just a little bit sad, knowing that our sky, the Sun, all of the stars, all of the planets, and space ITSELF will eventually disappear? The world is huge, but these thoughts all make it seem so lonely.

cool resources: (haha, even this site is slowly dying)


ah sorry, meant to cut out that "Listeni" near the pronunciation, but I lost my post the first time I tried to submit it


Humans finna kill themselves within a century

millennia pass

new species develops big brainz

millennia pass

this one will probably kill itself too

repeat ad nauseam until 5 billion years or the Earth is uninhabitable, whichever comes first

in 5 billion years the Earth gets rotisserie'd

Eventually the universe reaches maximum entropy


>>460 cont.
if you're wondering how humans finna kill themselves, it's probably global warming or resource depletion let's be honest here


I don't see an end of the world as strictly necessary. Rather, the world reaches higher levels of entropy/complexity over time, which makes any worldview made within it decreasingly able to predict with high precision over time, necessitating the creation of new theories. I see no more reason to think the universe started alive and is ever dying than to think the universe started dead and will become only ever more alive over time. Though this doesn't mean humans in particular will continue, I think we have a reasonably good chance of making it to interstellar travel.

In terms of more general far future timelines, if Jeremy England's theory of life's relationship to entropy (which is that matter takes on life-like properties as part of increasing entropy) is correct, we should see the world become more alive as entropy increases. Given that entropy is limited by the Bekenstein bound, which is proportional to space as well as energy, and that space seems to be expanding, there's no reason to expect entropy to reach a limit. So I think life will, if given enough time, simply take on forms that our current understanding is insufficient for predicting, rather than dying out.


>I sincerely doubt it'll be the frustration of God to bring about Doomsday, so what will?
Exactly what Satan wants you to believe.




I concur.
I think Jesus is coming back soon, gotta get ready.


Are we talking about the ultimate end of the universe or just humankind?

The former is a toss-up between endless expansion/the heat death of the universe; every particle will be moving away from every other particle at greater than light speed and will never be able to interact with anything else.

Or the 'big crunch'; the opposite of the big bang. The expansion of the universe will gradually slow down and matter will fall back in on itself until the universe reduces to an infinitesimal point. After which we don't know what would happen.

The universe cannot remain static in terms of size.

Predicting the 'end of humanity' is not a science and can only be speculated, with interesting arguments for each proposed outcome. Are we capable of killing ourselves? Yes. It won't be the bombs which kills the last human, it would be the dust the bombs kick up into the atmosphere. Blanketing the earth for a few hundred years will kill every living organism except those who ultimately thrive off heat energy from the core of the earth (underwater).

Will we use nuclear arsenals against ourselves? I can't say.

Death by asteroid is less worrying. I mean, yeah, it IS going to happen at some point. It just happens. Our solar system isn't 'clean' from debris and there are many asteroids whose orbits cross our own. It's pretty scary, isn't it? Try not to worry, our space technology is progressing very quickly and we (countries and industry) are already turning our heads towards neutralizing such a threat. Even a hundred years more to develop deflecting techniques is not too long.

As for humanity emigrating to other worlds and other suns. I think this almost goes without saying that it will happen. Unless, of course, something stands in the way: resource depletion, politics.

Please note that here I am outlining possible outcomes. I don't attempt to assert superior knowledge about what WILL happen. Ultimately… nobody knows

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