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A lain friend of mine suggested that if they were wealthy they would never build their own computer ever again. They would much rather buy a pre-built computer or have someone else manage the build and cable management. Despite obviously not being as skilled at this as someone that does this professionally I think I would still do it myself. While it can be a chore I find that there is something satisfying about "laining out" and building your own computer in and of itself. Does lain agree?


Agreed, Lainon. There's nothing like building your own machine.


The most Lain thing IMO would be to buy retired server/workstation CPUs and boards and build a system around them.


There's no difficulty in building a computer: it's physically impossible to put pieces in the wrong way: it's incredibly easy. They just fit in.


File: 1495801449118.jpg (86.42 KB, 1080x1080, x68000.jpg)

In principle I wouldn't mind paying someone else to do it. If I had a lot of money I might pay a real craftsman to make something unique. I've always wanted something modern with an X68000 form factor.


Dual-chamber boxes need to exist more.


I've really been wanting to make my computer look as retro as possible, even when it comes to the OS.. Anyway, buying prebuilts is horrible. You're mostly getting scammed. Also, when building you get a fundamental understanding how the computer you made works. And, if it was to break you would understand how to fix it. There is also the element of satisfaction you get from putting time into something and not letting someone else do it for you.


tinkering with computer guts is really soothing to me, I wouldn't give it up


shh dont tell anyone


I'm debating if I should buy a System 76 or build it myself.


File: 1500975748866.jpg (23.37 KB, 720x540, Lain8.jpg)

I prefer to buy old prebuilts and upgrade them.


You have to be careful about OEMs doing strange things, but you can get great prices on used hardware from universities that are required to sell off computers. You can also get okay prices from resellers if you shop around.


I have always wanted to build a system like those shown in all the cool anime. However, short of ripping apart a VAX machine, which I would never do, in order to use the chassis for other purposes, there are not enough external boxes anymore.

Now with SATA I might be able to have a computer system separated out into component boxes again, I just like that aesthetic.


well, you can also always just work with a cluster. thats' what i do. several computers with seperate roles networked together, so i have several boxes scattered about working on their various independant and supportive tasks.



File: 1501266483629.jpeg (47.41 KB, 736x535, cutehackersdoingcutething….jpeg)

You and me both lain. I have always had a hardon for the X68000 design, you could say it was love at first sight.


I am excited to know I'm not the only one who would love a modern case with the X68k aesthetic.
To achieve the look I feel would be difficult. Much like the PC-98, the floppy drives help give them their unique appearance, yet I know I would almost never use them.
Not just the X68K; Sharp had some of the best looking electronics in the late 80s/early 90s if you'd ask me. Something about that black/gold/red color scheme.


It's better when you also know them personally somewhat. Offer to pay them for their time, but also have a blast making something hella unique and out there, you're paying someone who knows what they're doing, and the supposed limit.


File: 1522822106288.jpg (29.43 KB, 420x315, serveimage.jpg)

Just for the record, you can buy X68000 Cases for the Raspberry Pi in akihabara at BEEP Shop or that Usagi one.


what if i mix different rams in different slots?


Someone should probably add to this thread that builsong your own computer is only cheaper at the high end. Competing with huge oems at the low end isnt possible, but their margin on workstations, or gaming pcs is so high that you can easily beat them.

So build it yourself to save money makes sense only for gaming pcs and workstations.


for dumb ppl like me it can be, but its more because im not rich and im always stressed i broke something, the labels on the mobo could be clearer.

i'm just stoopidi so i need to study up more, but im more of a just werks kinda guy.


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