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Kalyx ######

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Does anyone else remember this? I don't know why, but despite the project being so unfortunately short-lived (just July to December of 2008), I find myself having an incredible level of nostalgia for it. It's not even the whimsical artwork or awesome experiences, it is the concept of having small virtual worlds embedded directly into your custom built, personal websites. It sort of reminds me of the "chatrooms" present in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone complex.

Now we all have soykafty WordPress sites with awful generic themes and empty "about" pages. The Google Lively project took place about the same time that our romantic hopes for a distributed internet where power lied with ordinary people instead of corporations really started to die for good. I miss the excitement I had for the future back then. Now I'm jaded as fuck.

For those interested, but unfamiliar with the project, please take a look at some of these links. Some of them even bring me to tears.


^This Is The Future That Lains Want

Thanks Obama.


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There actually something like this in development right now, it's called Decentraland.

Heres a video that goes into more detail.



Play this!

You can download it through steam as well and use a VR headset.


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Hello fellow wired,

I was wondering how you went about reading technical literature. For a long time I have always struggled with reading literature such as journal articles in the field of chemistry and biochemistry. It's not that I am unfamiliar with the material, but I think it comes down to how I take in information and process it.
I have always had a voice in my head that is reading the text, but sometimes I find that I read something and completely miss the point of it all, like I am reading it but not really paying attention to it.

I have recently started to try to visualize processes and things in the articles and have found that I do better with remembering and comprehending/putting together what I read. I feel like I could be more efficient and better at reading literature, but I don’t know where to start or how to do it.

How do you read?

Let's all love Lain.


File: 1514983237721.jpg (129.47 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kono Subara….jpg)

Feynaman style is awesome
But it is exhausting af


You should make a new thread for this. By technical literature, do you mean scientific papers and books, or more like programming and electronics manuals?


The matrix protocol will take us there


Reminds me of a lesser IMVU.

But no OP, this completely passed by without me even realizing it was a thing back then. Kind of surprised I was actually pretty up with things back then.


Decentraland land is expensive, like 100 bucks for 40sf. It' probably gonna be filled with casinos and ads due to its price. I'd prefer an open source alternative like this one: We could set this up on a few servers and have a 3d private arisuchat


Oh my god, having a 3D arisuchat would be amazing


>Oh my god, having a 3D arisuchat would be amazing
THIS. Can anyone build it for us? ^_^



Top 水 . The idea of overlaying some kind of 3D world on the web sounds a lot like gibsons matrix. The idea of user generated content near a website is probably to Democratic to be tolerated en masse.


>>426 is another thread about a 3D imageboard with links to code.


p cool. virtual spaces are neat and all but it's probably for the best that the god of the internet doesn't supply such a comfy one these days. the wired isn't a layer separate from reality, it's just another part of it. if we make it too comfy to escape into it and too easy to figure out how we'll collapse in on ourselves. no difference to me, but I understand and all.

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