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This thread is about CPUs, the CPU market and news and upcoming launches to do with CPUs and other relevant products like chipsets and motherboards. While Lainons usually tend to enjoy vintage and serviceable hardware from the near or recent past, I'm sure I'm not the only one that likes flashy stuff once in a while.

I'm just gonna lay some ground rules here: I ask that in this thread there is no fanboyism or brewing soykaf, and all posts and recommendations in this thread are made with rationality and consideration. Example of a sweetpost versus a soykafpost: "I think that Skylake-X is dead on arrival. The Skylake-X six-core is heavily undercut by AMD's least expensive Ryzen eight-core, the 1700, while the Skylake-X eight-core is far more expensive than the 1800X. Furthermore, the fact that Intel uses mayonnaise rather than solder for thermal paste and the puny ringbus in contrast to Infinity Fabric means that the chips will run hot, have less overclocking headroom, and not scale well to greater numbers of cores." as opposed to "BASED INTEL AYYMD FINISHED AND BANKRUPT".

To start us off: Skylake/Kaby Lake-X vs Ryzen and Threadripper, and the new Epyc server chips.

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