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Does anyone else use flu.x or computer glasses? I know this is probably unusual, but I actually use both simultaneously. By setting flu.x to a mild hue shift I can avoid wearing those ridiculous yellow tinted glasses and opt for the more normal looking ones. They still block a lot blue light, but they don't make the whole world yellow, which makes it possible to do color sensitive work while wearing them. All I have to do is disable flu.x when entering Photoshop and other creative software.


i use redshift (and sometimes the gtk frontend for it). my prescription glasses have a coating over them that blocks a lot of blue light, blocks uv, and a couple of other things.


I use f.lux on my desktop. (I don't use my laptop late enough at night for it to be necessary.)

I don't have it set quite as aggressively as they recommend, but it definitely helps.


I use redshift aswell


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I have used f.lux and personally I find it more useful for falling asleep easier after a long night of day of doing meat machine stuff, something something blue wavelengths stimulate like daylight.


Maybe I should start. I don't really think about how the blue light affects me but I do have issues falling asleep.
Interesting, Ill look into it.


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It looks like those Redshift glasses aren't fit for doing computer work. The official product page says that they can block light with a wavelength of up to 400nm. Computer screens emit blue light that has a wavelength from 400nm to 500nm, though. Can somebody recommend a product that is definitely suitable for the desired purpose?


Redshift is just a free software alternative to f.lux:

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