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How likely is your job to be replaced by automation during this century, Lain?

What are your back-up plans? What skills are you learning or what goals are you working towards to this end?

>SEO/Marketing guy

>I'll probably have a job until Google's AI is smart enough to detect and counter every technique in the book
>At least I'm not doing back-breaking manual labor at a factory job that will likely be replaced before that


File: 1498019845275.png (115.67 KB, 580x272, rb-6.png)

I'm a mathematician, AI are already replacing me.


File: 1498036605402.png (1.05 MB, 2992x4624, Sector-Automation.png)

>How likely is your job to be replaced by automation during this century, Lain?
I'm unemployed so none!
but I will work as a porter, editor, and possibly campaign manager.

Editor: Like every author, each editor has a distinct style. Additionally, while computers can make minor suggestions like the proper spelling of words or identifying ungrammatical sentences (sometimes), there has been almost no progress in natural language processing for a while and I'm guessing it'll be 10 years before my job is officially taken by AIs.

AIs that make someone's prose look like a particular author's exist, but remain a novelty.

Porter/waiter: my job would just be taking dirty dishes away from tables. Really the only practical solution to this is a humanoid robot to do it, but this is less efficient because with robots, you have to pay money to power them using electricity. As for humans, you just have to pay them minimum wage and they're expected to do all their own maintenance. I wouldn't say its unrealistic in the next 8 years or so however, if robotic food servants prove to be popular.

campaign manager: this is basically a management position which involves writing policy, developing strategy, and so on. you could base an AI off of particular frameworks for running successful political campaigns but it would be a tremendous project and require almost as much human labor as just having a person do it. I'd put it in the 10+ years range as well but there will certainly be AI tools developed to help this job for a while.

pic related is interesting and worthwhile for the discussion.


the field I've been working in, a sort of manufacturing, has already been automated for more than a century.

i live in the gap left behind: the niche created by those with money and interest to spend somewhat more for the luxury of buying unique, hand made items.



i'm in sort of the same boat, but a different field: accounting. It was the very first field to be automated by computers. (Heck, the very word "computer" used to refer to people who did the math gruntwork in bookkeeping.) Everything that can be automated without strong AI already has been automated for us accountants. Human accounting these days is just the weird stuff that can't be done by computers until a HAL9000 is in every office server closet.


File: 1498063186807.jpg (312.74 KB, 612x716, 18fad8ac186db6488890a7e6de….jpg)

What do managers do that's so hard to automate?


they make the decision to automate the underlings. It takes a higher power to layoff the managers.


Thanks for the infographic, Lain.

I didn't think about waiters. That's a good point.


File: 1498142830605-0.png (428.32 KB, 590x388, millenials-killing.png)

File: 1498142830605-1.png (20.71 KB, 790x123, Screenshot_2017-06-22_10-3….png)

I feel like a lot of jobs won't be automated out of existence as the demand for their products will cease to exist. The largest generation in the united states right now is also the most fiscally responsible, and least likely to spend money on luxuries. This has caused a ripple effect of sorts as rich people aren't flaunting their wealth as much anymore, according to some headlines. I think that our culture in general is moving towards a more DIY outlook due to long-term economic troubles and uncertainty.


It doesn't surprise me that boomers keep their attack on millenials but the fact that they do it in what should at least try to be serious sources, like Forbes and the NYT


My job would require a pretty solid AI to replace me and I don't think that's likely to happen anytime soon with my particular employer. I'm pretty confident in my ongoing employment.


may we ask what that proffession is, and why its as secure as it is?

I seek not to pry, but for a basic rundown.


Because my job has a high level of human interaction and has a high degree of evaluating variables which are beyond straight forward logic in many instances. It also carries the possibility of deaths should I fail my job. One day, perhaps, when there is a sufficient enough AI that my employer could afford time to use, perhaps but I don't see it happening in my life time.

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