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Hey Lains, I have recently set up a server on which I host my backups now. It's on my local network so it doesn't have direct access to internet. Yet it's kinda dumb that I have a 24/7 server for weekly backups. What do you commonly use a server like that for? Unfortunately mine only has about 50GB of space so I can't use it for torrenting. Pic related (yes I use that soykafty laptop)


IRC Bouncer/TOR Gateway


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If you need some ideas there is heaps you can do with even old systems.

Like hosting your own mini cloud for calendar/contacts/email.
Password managers, VPN.. Lots to choose from.

Here is a list of things you can self host for ideas, I'd advise sticking to FOSS stuff.


I just got and idea, where I would use the laptop to torrent stuff, it would then send the downloaded stuff to my main PC through SSH, so the disk won't fill up. Essentialy the 50GB disk it has would act as a "cache".
Thanks for the ideas, I think I'm gonna also setup a private website + git server for my repos. Maybe even some constant integration software.
Too bad I can't host anything to outside, I'm behing a NAT and I don't have a static IP, I guess there isn't anything to do about it?


Do you have any control of the NAT? Can you set port forwards or is it a CNAT?


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If you can port forward, The tech exists to do changing IPs with DNS.

Use a Dynamic DNS updating program on your server to check for a new IP and update the DNS.

You can use ddclient to update most services,

I don't know what router you may be using for port forwarding, but it can been called virtual servers on some routers. Here is the basics of it.

You may have to fill the gaps on this one.

The tech is there Lain. You just need to leverage it its all in your power to do so.


not OP but I'd just like to say thanks for putting that link up, that's given me some ideas for things to do with my couple of VPS's I've got kicking around now.


Mine doubles as a media player and home seedbox.
It's powerful enough for some light gaming and encoding too.

I also recommend this link in >>704
self-hosting is our escape from the botnet


OP here, I tinkered a bit and couldn't get it working, but I contacted my ISP and he is willing to give me an external IP address so I guess i'm set.


Good Old CNAT, I hate CNAT.


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I mostly use my server (15+ year old hardware that I used while in school) for rss feeds (newsbeuter) and IRC. I also host game servers on it on occasion (old stuff that dont require a whole lot of hardware to host) and use it to send files to friends without uploading anywhere (python's built in httpd is great for this purpose btw if you dont want to leave an httpd running 24/7 just for temporary file transfers). I would also be using it as a dns cache but my router does a reasonably good job of that already. Personally I use a single external drive for "cold storage" backups of all of my hardware instead of relying on an entire machine for them. It is unplugged when not in use in order to preserve it as best I can.

I have been considering hosting an old school BBS on my server, but it would take more free time than I have at the moment. I may run a gopher server on it as well one day.



Dunno if this will be what you want but you could set BIOS to wake on LAN and scheduled your weekly backups so its only on for the backup period not 24/7


Thats a good idea actually, thanks.

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