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Hello, Lains. BeerMoney sites are an unconventional and decidedly cyberpunk way to make cash. Perk and Mechanical Turk are both examples of BeerMoney sites. What does your farm look like, Lain? What's your setup?

Perk is an app that pays you for allowing ads to play on your mobile devices. It can be ran on old, otherwise outdated hardware. Obviously, the more devices, the more cash you make. Clustering a large number of these together is referred to as a "farm." There are even cheap phones that can be purchased for the sole purpose of farming. If you're looking to get into the field but don't have any old mobile devices lying around, discussion of specific phones (aka which are currently the cheapest) can be found at the /r/beermoney subreddit. They've also got a "Beermoney Assist" app over there that can help dim your screens to near-off to save power and do a bunch of other helpful stuff.

Mechanical Turk is a site that pays you for doing "Human Intelligence Tasks" (HITs). You are asked to do things that computers are not currently capable of, "such as choosing the best among several photographs of a storefront, writing product descriptions, or identifying performers on music CDs." It's a bit more profefssional than other well-known BM sites, however, as it requires you to sign up for an account with a billing address.

Of course, these are only two examples and new BeerMoney opportunities come up every day.

(Pic related: Perk farms.)


Shouldn't it be possible to spin up some android VM's with perk installed? this way you don't have to search for old hardware.


Seems scammy, Mechanical Turk especially since it doesnt even auto farm. Its basically like those old survey taking websites. Still, Perk has me curious. How much you making?

>inb4 havent tried it myself


So the whole point of Mechanical Turk's are that they are tasks that cannot be automated (atleast easily/cost effectively). Thats where the human comes in, I have turked before not a bad way to scrape by at all. Would average 15-30 bucks a day in just a couple of hours. Took me awhile to build this rhythm up, at first I was making $5-8 a day while learning the ins and outs of the system.

Ive heard on turk forums of folks making $50+ a day USD on Mturk's however that takes 6hrs plus a day. Not worth it if you have an actual skillset, but great to help with some bills.



Why buy a bunch of phones when you can run multiple android emulators on different IPs and automate the crap out of the whole thing?


File: 1498961126094.jpg (35.01 KB, 500x500, plop.jpg)

In theory it sounds like the obvious solution.
In practice, these footprints & fingerprints from virtualized phones are easily identified which get you derezzed.

IMO all that beer money stuff is fine for some people. Like grabbing coins from a fountain. It's small time. You will never get rich off it. Considering the specialized knowledge & investment of phones, I don't see why most don't set their sights higher.

If you were to have such a set up, a more lucrative business would be selling google play store reviews. There's agencies selling them for $1 each. Sell 100 reviews, get $100. However it requires a lot more effort than beer money: creating a website, integrating payment processor, marketing to your target demographic. Not as menial, but you're basically starting your own business at this point.


What about scamming people on the deepweb?


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