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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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list reasons why you think appimages suck
ill start

>slightly different versions of the same library in each image

>Fucking huge
>security holes in outdated versions of libraries bundles as dependancies of programs.

(pic related, its scheirke banishing all the evil appimages off your machine)


Sure, appimage sucks. But the problem is that the alternative situation sucks even more.

What do you propose as a solution that's just as portable as appimage, but without the flaws you describe?


ok, so how am I supposed to install krita without pulling fifty gorillion KDE dependenficies then, smart guy?


>>822 you dont, the flatpack has all those. at least with your package manager you know what they are, where they are, and can keep them up to date.



You're working on the assumption that your package manager's repos are maintained by competent people, and not the sort of people that, for example, packaged VLC for Fedora 25.

(Swear to god, if Fedora 25 wasn't the only distro that seems to have a non-tearing Intel video driver, I'd ditch it in a heartbeat…)


All containers/images/things you don't install traditionally but with some all-in-one image suck.
It's a meme, like Internet of soykaf devices.

Neither Kubuntu nor openSUSE ever had problems with Intel graphics from the last ten years tearing for me.


You're lucky. Every Ubuntu variant I've tried in the past few months (LTS or 17.04, every desktop flavour), rolling and regular OpenSUSE releases, Debian 9 stable, testing, unstable, Gentoo, Slackware 14.2 with a new kernel (stock kernel in 14.2 can't use the Intel drivers), every damn distro has horrible tearing on the Intel 620 graphics that's in my kaby lake i7-7500u laptop or the Iris 5100 in the i5-4278u that's my home server/HTPC.

Except for Fedora 25, which is absolutely flawless on both. (And maybe 26 which is released today.)

If you've got a solution, I'm all ears.


sounds like you need a better distro
have you tried arch-openrc? how about devuan?

have you tried installing the latest microcode?


VLC package is not maintained by Fedora, it's RPMFushion that needs to track updates better. RPMFushion's packages almost never get updates until a new release of Fedora hits.


Oh, I'm aware of that. I didn't mean to imply that Fedora's in house people were responsible for the RPMFusion VLC soykafshow.


Not interested in Arch. I need a stable laptop for work. And I have the same problem with Devuan. And yes, I've ensured that I have the latest microcode package in each distro I've tried. I'm basically at the "I hate tearing more than I dislike Fedora's oddities so I'll just keep using it" stage now.


I have arch on my laptop working smoothly with no tearing issues, try installing the microcode as the other person suggested, also try enabling TearFree in xorg.conf

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