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hai lainons I'm looking for a minimalist media player like mpv but with playlist in mind.Images much appreciated.
PS:big buttons and clementine are annoying as fuark now


What kind of playlist functionality are you looking for? mpv can handle most playlist formats.


I want to be able to create playlists in the media player it's self.Maybe if there was an easy way to do this I'd use mpv for that, but there is none that I know of that aren't time consuming.


How about bomi? It's based on mpv, has a gui for playlists and multiple skins.


I've always been a fan of MOC (music on console). Simple two pane Midnight Commander'ish view, playlist on the right, file tree on the left. Can optionally hook into ffmpeg or libav for all the various formats. It's served me well for the last decade or so.

It's normally called 'mocp' in a lot of repositories.


thanks lainon! that's exactly what I've been looking for ^_^


your welcome, it's been my favorite for a long time.

just keep in mind it has a client ui seperate from the backend, so it's great for throwing onto a headless box and controlling via SSH from anywhere without sticking it into a screen/tmux session :)

you can also in the same manner pass commandline options to it to control from elsewhere. I used to keep a server (old celleron 800) in my wardrobe and I had a cron job to play music as my alarm every weekday morning at X oclock. Kept an old laptop with a dead battery hooked up via a serial RS232 console connection for actually controlling the 'stereo' system.


But you wrote you were looking for a media player, not just exclusively music.


that's very schway anon.I'll need to try something like now.
Oh maybe I misspoke.mocp is the kind of thing I was looking for.


Have you looked at ncmcpp? One of the advantages to using mpd (the daemon backend behind ncmcpp), is that music keeps playing after you kill the terminal.

So you don't need the terminal window open.


you don't with mocp either. it's not as obvious with mocp in comparison to mpd but mocp does spawn it's own daemon on start that you can then either control with the console ui or pass commands to manually.

and yeah, back many many many years ago I did look at mpd but for the complexity in setting it up it didn't really seem to offer many bonuses on top of what I can do with mocp in one command.

it always looked cool but for my purposes it was always overkill.

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