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File: 1500580450434.png (853.95 KB, 638x593, Navy Railgun.png)


The Office of Naval Research (ONR) demonstrates the Navy's electromagnetic railgun initial rep-rate fires of multi-shot salvos at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division. The revolutionary railgun relies on a massive electrical pulse, rather than gunpowder or other chemical propellants, to launch projectiles at distances over 100 nautical miles – and at speeds that exceed Mach 6.




That thing is huge! I imagine they intend to mount it on their battleships? What kind of damage could it do to other ships? The barrel looked kind of small.


The nice thing with railguns is that size ends-up being far less important. It adheres to the Newtonian school fucking-your-soykaf-up.

I'd assume it can do a reasonable job at serving as artillery as well.

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