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Hey Lains

Openmailbox has completely taken a turn for the worse. The overhauled their service and paywalled imap, and now a majority of users are also unable to send emails, login, export emails and contacts. You name it, there's currently a problem with it. I can't read new emails at the moment but that's about it. Has been like for nearly a week now. So, I'm in the market for a new provider. I don't have the time, patience, or connection to manage my own mail-in-a-box server, so I'm sticking with a provider. I'm mainly considering Posteo or Protonmail. Posteo is cheaper and has imap support, but is located in Germany while Proton is in Switzerland. Proton costs a bit more (it'd be $2 more per month than what I need with Posteo) but I don't know if it's worth it. Proton is in the process of making the app open source, will implement imap sometime soon, and seems to be more trusted by users, although there was that DDoS attack in 2015. Proton seems more reliable in the long-term to me.

What provider would you recommend? Others besides Posteo and Protonmail? What do you use personally? I'm not really interested in and would like things out of the US. Not looking to spend more than $5 per month.



If you login to the webclient it will tell you that you got a free month of "pro" usage and can use it to connect to IMAP and download your soykaf. You will need to make an "application password" in the settings to use with their new IMAP server.


Yeah I've reconfigured k9 and my desktop client with the new setting but I constant errors, which is apparently the case for a number of users. I get 502s often on the website, also.


Protonmail through their .onion


whoever runs works well for me. Might consider getting mail forwarding with the FSF as a member so you can give them that address and when soykaf hits the fan like this you just change what it directs to when you switch for no hassle.


Ive personally switched to protonmail for the time being, I dont need much volume of emails so their free account is more than enough for me.


kalyx got on their butt over twitter and switched to , try that.


Been using Fastmail for a while and have no complaints.


Fastmail has the nice bonus of being standards-compliant in everything they do. I especially like how their carddav/caldav server works flawlessly with Davdroid and Cardbook.


Buy a domain and use It's much better to do it this way, with your personal domain you can easily change providers. You can use multiple domains for the same price so you can easily keep identities separate.


I've used Protonmail – no issues of any sort.


>had 3 openmailbox accounts in case I ever needed them
>verify OPs info
>It's true
Such an asshole move to limit them so much. Seems I'll never use those accounts for much in the first place.


I'm wary of "pro privacy" services that restrict official downloads of the Android APK to the Google Play Store. That just seems wrong.

(And yes, I know about APKmirror and the like. Note my use of the word "official" above.)


Finding people to get invite codes from is a pain

kolab now is pretty good all their server software is FOSS and they contribute back upstream


What about de coldland based server "unseen "dot" is"? Coldland have free speech laws, pirate party and don`t give a fuarking fuark about file sharing.


Well, I found my alternative to be google, as I never used my accounts for anything I needed to be truly private as ProtonMail has filled those needs.

I really love how the admin of (Vince) called them out on their bullsoykaf too. He runs an email service for 190260 accounts (not sure how many are actually active though) and he has no issues giving them access to IMAP and Webmail.


Also if anyone is really looking for a safe alternative, I'd recommend wholeheartedly.

Great services ran by some good people.


for free services I would recommend or

for my serious personal stuff I use a posteo account, they support 2FA and a lot of other good stuff

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