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Kalyx ######

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Come join club cyberia on tox! Tox group chats have no owner and are controlled by the people themselves. They are perfectly distributed with no banning blocking or anyway to seize control. Control the means of production with every message you send!

Club cyberia has a convenient invitation bot to join the group. The ID is:


Simply add the bot as a friend with any toxchat client, and send it the message "invite 1" and you will be in the group!

Good luck comrades!


What the fuck, when did we turn into a digital billboard?


Actually the command is "invite 0" not "invite 1" i'm just retarded.


A majority of the people on there are from /pol/ so it's pretty much just soykaf now.


Your complicity is part of the problem


I don't think you know what word means.


well, no all of us are /pol/, but its still pretty soykafity often. are some cool electrical engineering discussions/software development discussions/sillyness, but also a lot of /pol, so.


Then chat about something else.


this describes what happens in there 1% of the time if you really stretch it. The rest of the time it's just soykafty /pol/ users being autistic.


I think it really depends what time of day you are on. When the Americans are on a lot of the conversation is about /pol/ related topics, when the Europeans and Asians are on the conversation tends more toward /cyb/ discussions.

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