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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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Hi, Alice! I want to talk with you about Big Brother. He is closer than you think. Have you ever heard about Intel ME? Its in every computer and you cant remove it, even if you are nerd with soldering iron and programmator. Its uses MINIX(Unix-like system) and lives with your BIOS in one micro. It lives when your computer is off. It can use internet. That's not all. Cryptography is useless because there are backdoor in your RNG. Also i heard about backdoors in Windows system. I'm a computer security specialist. I'm making all software that i need. I have dreadfully modified my computers with soldering iron. Special photo-elements are blocking possible cameras. Please be more careful and learn some about hardware.


I know, I know very well and that is why I think open hardware is such an important thing but people seems to be so indifferent to it.


Thats too silly. Reverse engineering skills are better. Tplink 722-n(atheros, rev-1) is a good example. You can download driver written by hackers and do illegal things on a 10$ board. Also ZX-SPECTRUM computer is one of the best examples of national union(Mostly in USSR). Computers like RPI are getting popular these days and this is really cool. There are no INTEL CPU so there are no INTEL ME, it costs just 45$ and has GPIO, Wifi, bluetooth. By GPIO pins you can make advanced crypto-hardware and so on. Indepence is the main factor for security and privacy!


>tfw too poor to afford Talos II mainboard


Beautiful point, OP! I'd like to bring it to everyone's attention that you are never safe with technology. Also, the smell of burning silicon is just magnificent. If you'd like to find more information to learn more about the subject, well….
I'll leave it up to you to decide the most secure way to open this link.


you're not save ever if everyone without tech. USSR is example. Technology doesnt spy, people do

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