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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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Kalyx ######

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hey alice,

this intelligence agency which seems to be made up of all exfbi has suddenly taken an interest in me. do y'all know anything about them? should I even worry lol?


what's your proof? not asking you to post it, just curious as to how you know; I've neve heard of them but would be quite worried myself. What do you do?


File: 1522151937097.jpg (116.35 KB, 584x700, K2.jpg)

> exfbi

We just want you for a candidate, Alice.


…..i hope so


if anybody asks you to commit an act of terrorism, tell them to fuck off.



This so fucking much. I've read extensive court notes on like 30 cases of this soykaf, please do your own research, don't go by what I'm saying but the key factors that I've been able to pick out from the mess are that they often will jump directly or very quickly to this despite not knowing you very well at all.

They will also not have very good knowledge of whatever brand of extremism that you subscribe to, because they aren't an actual adherrent. They will constantly fall into this pattern of asking you to explain your ideology to them, so they have more for the court record, and also to cover the fact that they aren't very knowledgable. Most people who are real fanatics enough to do something crazy are fanatical enough to know all the basics about your brand of fanaticism. If they don't this is a biiig red flag.

They will often tell people to meet them at Hotels or cabins, this is recurring motif that comes up a lot. They like motels because then they don't have to actually own a property to lure people to, and they can easily mic them up and have multiple teams on site to assist.

In more recent cases, they have taken to doing this interesting thing where to avoid entrapment-esque claims against their officers in 5 recent cases they lay out other options besides committing some act for the person to take, they will do this multiple times right up to the act, and will say "You have the option to not do this". If you are in the middle of an action that you firmly believe in, and someone continuously acts like backing out is fine. DONT DO IT.


They won't tell you to do it, they will make you do it (MKULTRA and whatever their current internal codename is). I honestly think that's also why they aren't releasing the Guantanamo papers. It's just a modern version, and a factory to create sleeper terrorists which will do the terrorism aka false flags.


What the fuaark are you guys talking about


But ignore >>478 they don't control your mind.


>they don't control your mind.

You sure have proof for that, shill?


huh, i hope you know that stuff like this really exists and MKUltra is proven to be real, right?

there are many methods to do stuff like this. from year long "training" you, to drugs and other craziness.
even without training, it can be achieved short time with drugs like "colombian devil".

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