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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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everything feels so surreal,almost dream-like. I feel like time is passing by too quickly and it makes me depressed,the only thing I looked forward to is destroyed and no one seems to care. Sometimes I feel like im the only "real" person on earth,I dissociate a lot. If anyone else has had similar experiences,please share.
>did you get over it?
>if yes,how?
>if no,what has kept you going/how do you cope with these thoughts?


What were you looking forward to? Why was it destroyed? Why can it not be replaced?

Also check out >>>/psy/562 and >>>/psy/563. Might be helpful.


it's complicated..don't really want to talk about it.
thank you,they were!


I dissociate a lot. I think it comes from prolonged isolation and internet use. It feels to me like the Wired is the true reality and when I go outside it's like I'm playing a video game of myself. After being so used to anonymity / pseudonymity, having a pre-existing, barely customizable form feels wrong to me. I used to get extremely freaked out by this and have regular panic attacks because of it. However now I actually find it quite enjoyable. It's like my brain decides to deliver me a small dose of ketamine when i'm getting stressed. Okay it's no where near as fun as that but I am so used to it by now that often I barely notice it, I feel it in a similar way to an emotion. I can't quite control it directly but I understand what parts of my environment will effect it and can act accordingly. If I get in an argument, I will feel angry, if I do something fun I will feel happy, if I do x I will dissociate. It's just a fact of life that I've learned to deal with.


>everything feels so surreal,almost dream-like
>Sometimes I feel like im the only "real" person on earth,I dissociate a lot
Sounds like you've taken the first step to finding that thing. A lot of people experiance the initial strong doubt of the presented reality, but most stop here. Some return to meatspace, some create dogmas, some just get stuck there. Do not let this happen to you. The next step is to make a clean exit, leaving behind all the dogmas and biases of this reality. After that, you'll have to figure it out yourself. There's nothing for you back where you came from, but there is something on the other side.


>Do not let this happen to you
To clarify, I mean the last two. Of course it's fine to return to meatspace if you'd like.


I think my dissociation comes from prolonged isolation and internet use as well,I barely talk to anyone irl so when I isolate myself obviously no one's going to reach out to me,and that makes my weird sense of self even worse. I feel like everyone will completely forget about me and I'll only exist inside my head,if that makes's either "im the only real person" or "everyone else is real and im slowly fading".
I hope it gets better for me too.


I have similar beliefs! I will try to make a clean exit.


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o o f it could be..I can relate to a lot of that. I will look into it more if I feel like it's getting serious though.


I don't feel like i'm real, I'm feel the fakest in a sea of fakers, my sense of individuality has been crushed, my spiritual self split from my physical self, i experience life a third-person observer to my own body. It's not a dream, it's a nightmare, one we will keep waking up into again and again and again until we die and then what? it's all over again.


I feel you. Forced to continue living when life desires an end it won't get. Or maybe that's not it


then why even try, why not just stay in your bed all day, and do nothing… think of nothing and start doing soykaf things with the rest of the population that is under mind control…


The things you are describing sound a lot like alienation under capital, you might want to look up how leftists critique it and how it works. Or don't, you do you.


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Isolation and internet use combined seems to multiply the detrimental effects. At least that’s what I think it’s done to me.


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>did you get over it?
>if no,what has kept you going/how do you cope with these thoughts?
Inertia. I dont have much reasons to live, but nothing compels me to kms, at least currently. I'm still thinking about suicide every day or so.


suicide just seems more deterministic than continuing a life that you feel most people live unware through.


As expected, bravery is not a function of firepower. What a shame. lip smack

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