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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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in the last couple of months I got really deep in a lot of subjects most of them political, to the point I felt everything was staged and false, one day I simply thought leave all this imageboards and underground sites and enjoy life,

I started going to clubs socialize and finally fitting with society until recently I simply could not cope with that kind of lifestyle anymore

and here I am once again
I can't leave Lain and I can't leave the wired


What kind of incompetent political theorist made you think that clubs and all aspects of the offline world are not also staged and false?


Welcome to adulthood.


remember, you are here foverer


Are you satisfied being here or do you want to leave ?


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Nowhere you go will give you the sense of reality.


listen lainon, yes the world is corrupted and staged. Us people that see the lies behind the truths that they feed us are a special kind of beings. We have woken from this simulated reality we call the world, knowing that the truth is better then cowardly hiding behind the lies and propaganda. Yes you have feelings of uncertainty or maybe even anxiety that is pumping the life blood throughout your body when you think of this things. The wired is everywhere, IoT is everywhere, eventually we are all going to be connected again as we were in the beginning, the real point too take out of this is too embrace this feelings, because it is what makes you; YOU. When bored from the hours of staring on your computer or phone, go out to nature, go take a walk, play some video games, talk to family/close friends about how you are feeling. Do not let it bottle up in your consciousness, that is just called head overload.. take a breath in and exhale. While sipping on that green matcha tea. :)


>yes the world is corrupted and staged. Us people that see the lies behind the truths that they feed us are a special kind of beings
I actually laughed out loud.
>wake up neo and all is one lain loves nature walks tea
Don't forget your medication so the corporations can keep you down!


yes im glad that you LMAO haha. Nah you should not take any medications, well especially pharmaceuticals that have inorganic chemical compounds that your body artificially accepts.. something more plant/herb based is always better.


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feels bad man

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