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just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.

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Or is he just a scam artist. I want to watch actual conspiracy theorists who are serious about their crap,, the only other one i know is David icke


he is a complete scam artist, but he's gotten some things right (like the fluoride in drinking water problem).
here's the thing though: would you trust the guy who's making money off of defaming companies, or the guy who's making money by selling you those very same "defamed" products?
as long as we live in a capitalist society, people will always function off the profit motive. all you have to do is recognize what makes people a profit and you can recognize their motive.
I'd trust Alex Jones over some random water company any day of the week.


you would trust Alex even though you just admitted he's a scam artist?


I just explained why


bill cooper


To me he always seemed pretty legit. Hes just a guy who pays attention way more than the regular person and thus can fit older news stories with the new ones that come out to see the grander narrative.


The dudes a nut, trying to shill is products as the cure for the fake disaster he makes up.


File: 1518520594801.jpg (191.31 KB, 1200x836, serveimage.jpg)

NASA Denies That It’s Running a Child Slave Colony on Mars

Of course there are some conspiracy theories that turn out to be true, but especially in the current times where you can make money with youtube tinfoil soykaf it seems many people just make up things on the spot. Alex Jones and his guests more often than enough belong to these people.


File: 1518954933667.png (302.01 KB, 800x450, bcash.png)

>people just make up things on the spot. Alex Jones and his guests more often than enough belong to these people.



tbh I thought lainposters were smart enough to see through this guy. Sucks to be worng.



It is only 3 people, that are on the board dedicated to conspiracies


that's hilarious
can you try being even more condescending next time you fucking passive agressive glitterboy


Right about what? If you're questioning about whether Alex Jones is telling any truth with his conspiracies then I think you need to examine your life.


Honestly I can't see how this is even a question. This sort of stuff is so un-academically rigorous that any self respecting person should have no trouble seeing through such bullsoykaf.


sure i can.
If you cannot see right through Alex Jones, it would be very difficult to not be condescending towards you. Sorry sweetie.


I liked Alex Jones back in the days when he ranted about 9/11 conspiracy theories and how the government is after you. I never believed it because let's be honest, his weird rambling don't make much sense.

Today his site functions as just another right wing blog, it lost it's edge.


>can you try being even more condescending next time you fucking passive agressive glitterboy

He's not wrong though. The same sanctimonious asshats on here who hold a holier than thou attitude because they believe they don't fall for "fake news" and don't use social media et cetera, but are quite willing to suck up the horse soykaf that Alex Jones has spewed out for the last two decades are fucking morons.


> just another right wing blog

Probably because Jones is right wing. Always has been right wing. But you still listened to him anyway.


Like I stated he used to write about a lot of conspiracies, of course he was never left wing. Today it's just the same soykaf I could read on Breitbart etc, there is no special appealing to it


His behavior is so that he might as well be controlled opposition (not saying he is).


"controlled opposition"
says the fed


he is CIA, google it. even shares offices with one of their contractors


James Corbett



I'm not the guy you were replying to but I really agree, please give me an argument about how he isn't If he isn't he is probably the worst fucking proponent of this stuff in existence.

I can't tell you how many people I know who spout the 'turning the frogs gay' meme and have never actually thought that it could even possibly be true or tried to look it up. His presentation literally neutralizes very serious issues in the minds of the masses and makes them sound like nutcase bullsoykaf. Him reporting on something literally makes people believe it less.

If he isn't controlled opposition knowing what he is doing at the very least he should fucking stop. He literally bleeds the legitimacy of the concerns he speaks about just by virtue of speaking on them.


He probably hypes everything up and does make some bs up but there is some truth to what he is saying. I happen to agree with him on a couple things and the witch hunt against him should be a warning sign for everyone here.

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