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What do you guys think about how the next war will look?

As a disclaimer, I'm speaking strictly non-WMD, I'm not asking who would win or why and this is not a comparison of military tech. This is purely talking about tactics, strategy, methods and tricks that could be used to defeat an enemy nation, regardless of specific national context.

I imagine a concerted effort to attack local DNS servers could redirect internet searches to give civilians misleading information. For example, on every major news website you have a fraudulent order telling civilians to evacuate to the nearby Air Force bases. This would clog down the air force and highways with huge volumes of civilians, possibly crippling the response time of the defending military.

Another idea could be to infiltrate special forces, or at least well disciplined infantry, in civilian clothes (who cares about international law) to set up outside air force bases. They could then fire MANPADS or mortars into the airfield to knock it out of action for some hours during the critical first reaction to an invasion.

What other tactics and strategies are available that are only available because of the prevalence of technology and complete disregard for rules of war?


I'd probably take a look at Crimea as an example; Cause a disturbance/unrest/distraction elsewhere to get the public's attention, start the comms blackout, sneak the little green men in and just overrun every military position. Six fatalities total to annexe the entire region, between both sides. I don't want to make this discussion about who's right or wrong - we're talking about waging war here - but Russia just about deserves to win an award just for how they pulled it off whilst minimizing casualties.

This is a very simplified version of things, don't shoot me.


And apparently I suck at formatting. I need more coffee.


This is a good point I didn't bring up in the OP. Though I believe it's a special case as there was very little reason to believe a Russian intervention was imminent, the central government of Ukraine was in turmoil, local forces in Crimea were mostly Russian-aligned anyway and the military had made little to no preparations to defend the peninsular. All these added up to make the take over much easier for the Ruskies. Regardless, it was done with impressive skill, coordination, speed and deception. If anyone needs a definition for maskirovka, look no further than the annexation of Crimea.

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